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These companies exist to make big bucks and this is exactly what they are doing! But, you say, if I deposit £10 they will give me £20, £30 or even £40 free! I know what what I will do here, I will play and even if I lose all the bonus I will withdraw my £10. I cannot lose!  More often than not you WILL and you will lose all of it. This is due to the "wagering requirements" you have to fulfill to withdraw not only your bonus but your whole deposit! I will return to this later.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

in the opposite direction



Start: August 28, 2023, 8:30 pm

End: August 30, 2023, 6:00 pm

Lose loads!

I will begin by mapping out the odds and then explain why even if you have a sound mathematical system, you will fall foul of your friendly sites alluring advertising and their trick mechanisms.

The first thing to think about is how they earn their money.

When playing alone against the casino - a one to one situation -you and the site -, the site needs to win more than you - as opposed to bingo or multiplay poker or roulette where the house wins no matter the player or how much they win.

In bingo, you have no autonomy at all and are at the mercy of the "random nunbers".

If you play multiplayer poker or roulette you will not be playing directly against the house but the minimum stake you will have to play will be much higher and there are associated problems with this such as scams. One being that other players are in fact in it together, possibly sitting in the same room so they know each others cards!

As mentioned above these offers are not what they seem and secondly, unless you have an understanding of RGNs you are better off spending your hard earned money on a horse!

In horse racing you will more than likely be offered odds of better than odds on, which means if you win, you win more than your stake.

At this point I do not wish to get bogged down with setting out the different betting options and winning returns so as not to complicate matters, I will just say that your chances of profiting are LESS than losing.

In roulette there is not one bet which offers you a return of more than the odds against you. In other words, the best odds you will be offered is at besr than ! in 1. European/french roulette has one zero, American roulette has two zeros  (which unless you bet on the zero, you lose all your bets) and the "house edge" is 5.26 % inAmerican, 2.7% in european and 1.35% in French roulette which is worse than a bet on a toss of a coin!


In every other sport/game there will be changing conditions (variables) which come into play, but not the online roulette wheel!

In horse racing, football games, snooker matches etc, fitness, relationships, atmosphere, the state of the ground, pressure on the favourite and many other variables can well determine the result. Not so with online gaming. The odds are fixed and the weather, time of day will not affect the outcome.

So in theory, this offers a superb opportunity to practice and work out a winning strategy!

Even with the house edge I suggest it must be possible to use a mathematical system which wins over time. So why am I telling you that you will not win?

It is due to two reasons: firstly the time factor and secondly the RGNs.

Due to the low level percentage of winning, a "bricks and mortar" casino does not allow enough time to win. The roulette wheel is spun once every two minutes and you will need to spend your life at the wheel to win over time. Yet online roulette gives you the option of fast/turbo play allowing you the opportunity of spinning the wheel just short of two spins per second in some cases! Say you have a system which gives an average return of 1 unit per 18 spins, with the extra spins per unit of time this enables a larger profit per unit of time!


                                             The reason for this goes back to the RGNs.

                                                   I will come back to this in a while.


The more I have worked on a winning systems the more I realise how ingenious this game is at keeping your money.

A basic version of roulette was devised in the 17th century by Blaise Pascal but has been updated and tweaked since and is now indeed an ingenious concept!

You maybe thinking at this point that if you bet and win on a single number then the odds are good paying out 35 units but your chances of coming up trumps are 1 in 37 so if this happens I advise you to collect your winnings and sign out because you will have been extremely lucky and this cannot continue.






Start: August 28, 8:30 pm

End: August 30, 6:00 pm      

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Another favourite in certain software is to hide the list of the last winning numbers when you win so it is easy after a loss to become impatient  and keep spinning without  checking where you are.

If you still want to go ahead I advise you to be focused, have no distractions, do not drink alcohol, and when losing do not panic. It is easy to make spontaneous and reckless decisions even if you have a system.

But my biggest piece of advise is NOT to begin the journey into being duped that you can win and win Big Time!

Most of us at this time are in financial crisis and are looking for a way out of our situation but in attempting to better our situation playing online gaming  will almost certainly make it worse!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    BUT WAIT                                                         This is not the true picture! The "House Edge" also depends on the RGN used.  I  will return to this later.                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Remember      The                 is   Against



Due to the web design company I have lost control over adverts within this website.

Clicking on highlighted areas will redirect you to gambling sites!!! 

Some bonuses will be awarded on the basis of your deposit, others will be depend on your bonus and occasionally you might be awarded a "Free Bonus".

Before receiving your bonus and being allowed to play you will have to to register, giving them  your personal details including your credit/debit card details! So unless you are happy in doing this do not even bother claiming.

All of these bonuses, unless stated otherwise, come with "wagering requirements".

This requirment means you cannot necessarily withdraw your winnings from your account!

The "wagering requirement"  force you to continue gambling until you have completed staking your money for a minimum amount. The very minimum I have ever come across is 14 times either your bonus or your deposit, and the bonus generally being the higher is normally the amount stated. Alot of sites demand well above 14 times before you can claim any winnings!

If you atempt to withdraw before you have reached these requirements you will lose all of your winnings!

In short, by accepting a bonus, the chances of winning is greatly reduced.

Simply put, if you deposit a tenner and recieve a tenner bonus you will have to bet at least 14 times 10 (£140) before being able to withdraw any winnings, by which time you will have probably lost all of your bonus plus your deposit. So, if you are in it for the short haul, having a punt, and not playing in the belief you hold a winning system ( I will talk about "winning systems" shortly) my advice is not to accept any bonuses.

Ensure you understand the conditions of your particular site.







  These are not Registered Nurses although you will probably be in great need of  one after  a few sessions of roulette!


 RGNs are randomly generated numbers imaging normal chances of events.  An RGN program is exactly that-a program. The sequence of numbers which come  up, we are told, are purely "random". At this point, let me ask you what you think "randomness" actually means?

I think most people would answer that it means the chance of an occurance and I think we have a good grasp of what this means. The chance of being struck by lightening in the UK for example, is 10 million to 1, winning the national lottery-14 million to -1  and heads coming up on a toss of a coin - 1 in 2. (of course these are averages and do not apply precisely). There are more people struck by lightening in The Central African Republic than anywhere else on Earth.  But when collating these statistics the amount of people working out in the open and the amount of lightening strikes are not taken into account so we are not necessarily given the facts behind the statistic. This does not change the statistic but does question the reliability of any conclusions drawn. The chances of being wiped out by a tsunumi will depend upon where on the globe you are, weather coditions, geography, population, altitude etc.

 So we naturally assume the same odds will apply when we play online roulette.




This is because RGN  "randomness" is not the same as in our ordinary, God given lives, if you like. the "randomness" is programmmed by humans (payed a great deal of monet to do so) to throw up exagerated sequences. The more extreme sequence the more chance of you losing! These occurances are less predictable than which we have come to expect in real life.

Now you could get away with flying and standing under thunder storms every week of your life without coming to any harm because the odds are so vast.

As far as the coin and the casinos are concerned the longest odds are 1 in 37 - a single roulette number - although you only win 35 - not massive odds but surely still possible to win! So why is it so difficult to win over time?

It is due to the length of sequences trown up by these man made software programmes!

It would be possible that a toss of a coin could bring up 18 consequetive heads, although I challenge anyone to achieve this feat,  yet a 1 in 2 chance occuring 18 cosequetive times on a roulette wheel is not so infrequent.

You would think that Blackjack would be easier to win as there is no zero.

The reason why this game does not give you a 50 - 50 chance, as alot of people and sites will tell you, is due to the house being dealt after the player. This means that if you, the player, busts the game is over and you lose. But even with this house edge you would think you would have a better chance of winning. No, the RGNs are still acting against you!


Mathematicians will tell you the law of averages does not exist but the "Law of Large Numbers" does and that statistics are not the same as probability.

If you are not mathematically inclined I would skip the next paragraph before falling asleep.           







                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         To my understanding,  the "Law of Large Numbers" is based on percentages rather than single numbers. So 100 tosses of a coin within the "Law of Averages" (which does not exist dont forget)  will bring an outcome of somewhere between 60/40, ie heads will show somewher within that window. With the "Law of Large Numbers" this trait continues into the next 100 spins and so on and so on meaning, if you were to bet on red you could lose a further 10% with each 100 spins. 60/40,  120/80,  240/160  and so on. So if staking £1,  after 400 spins (excluding the zero) you can lose £80 on a 1 in 2 chance!

The experts tell us that if you flip a coin and heads comes up 20 times then the 21st flip still gives you the same odds approx 1 in 2, and that the universe has no memory so what has happened before does not influence what happens in the future. But I feel they are missing another law!

I maintain that after a consequetive run of 20 heads the chance of tails showing does indeed increase! Otherwise, why does a run of 30, 40, 80 or 100 not happen?


We are told by the experts that the roulette wheel has no memory. This maybe true but I believe the science governing it, in this case physics, does. In chemistry, if chemical A added  with chemical B the result (everything remaining equal) will be C.  In physics biology etc the same applies  This is because science is not chaotic, things can only happen within the parameters of that science. OK, sometimes it is not possible to predict as precisely as we would like, but this is because we lack understanding, not because  science is random.  So something else is going on.

Oh yes, the cofusion between statistics and probability.   Statistics are based on data from past events but probability is based on future events and that the two are not connected, but what would be the point of statistics if it was not to predict the future?

Health professionals tell us if we smoke we have more chance of lung cancer. They say this based on statistics (past events) not probability (future events) so would we realistically ignore these chances? I think not!

Imagine a country or an island, ( say the  Isle of Odds ). The population is 2. A married couple. One of the 2, the man, gets struck by lightening. Statiticians will tell you if you live on the Isle of Odds you have a 50% chance of being struck by lightening1 The fact is, the person who was struck, the man, works out in the fields and his wife works in the office so obviously if you work out in the open you have more chance of this happening, so in reality it is not a 50-50 chance.

Stataticians may also extrapolate from this that if you are a man you have twice the chance. This man maybe in his 50 s and the woman in her 40 s so the next statistic would be that you are more likely to succum to a strike if you are in your 50 s than in your 40 s. He may drink and smoke and enjoy a fried breakfast while his wife had no interest in these things, so statistically these things will lead to a greater propensity to being struck by lightening and so on it goes .

Now statistics are rarely taken from data of 2 people but this example helps to make my point. Obviously the more subjects within the survey the more these anomolies will be weeded out so the greater the sample the more precise the outcome. ( Of course the "outcome" will be an interpretation of the extrapalation of the data/statistics and not factual !)


At best, I would suggest it at this time in our understanding of science, in particular roulette, it would be better described as an art!


                                                  The world doesnt want us to know


                                                   A quick note on our belief systems


From security sevices to politicians, local authorities, insurace companies, energy providers, supermarket chains and your next door neighbour, they have things they would rather you not know about.

People coerce, embellish, mis-inform, trick, cheat and lie. Unfortunatally its a human trait.

So why would the online gaming companies be Holier than the rest?! And unless someone can tell me otherwise I suggest in online roulette the biggest "trick", the "secret" lies in our old friend the RGNs!!

At this point I will tell you of my biggest observation I have made in the 6 years of studying online roulette:


The longer you use your system the less your numbers will appear. Is this pure coincidence or is it the software throwing up numbers not betted on?

I have spoken with many people about this including professors and the overwhelming suspicion is that this this is indeed a possibility!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Proving The Differences Of Randomness Of RGNs  


                     Play in "fun mode" until you come up whith a winning system over time.

                  Then use the exact same system in "real play". You will see a totally different

             outcome! This also applies when playing different casinos using different software.

         Do not take my word for it, try it for yourself! Some casinos even include a disclaimer                  stating there maybe a difference between fun and real play.


After many years of studying the patterns of the wheel I would even go as far to suggest that the computer software keeps track of your betting patterns and throws up numbers not bet on and I would not be the only, or first person to make that observation! Worse still is that technically this would not be illegal. Say for instance you betted on every number except for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and these numbers come up far less regulally than expected (which is often the case), these companies can argue that the regularity of the same repeating numbers IS random. But it is only random between the numbers not bet on!  Meaning:  exclusively random, not Inclusively random.

                    There are many different casino software providers, the biggest two being


                                                               and Microgaiming.


Playtech casinos include                                                                     Microgaiming casinos include


Totesport                                                                                               Mr Green

William Hill                                                                                           32 Red

Gala                                                                                                       Ladbrokes





Paddy Power



21 Nova











                 Lets talk about other ways these people will extract your money from you.


When you brgin your quest to become rich let me advise you as to the other pitfalls you will come up against.

On the table you will be given optional betting stakes. Usually it ranges from 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 units. These maybe 10p 20p etc or 20p, 50p etc.

When you begin, say you decide on a 10p stake, you hit the 1 button only to find that it is not 10p but £1. Alot of casinos also automatically use a higher stake than the minimum so ensure you are betting the stake you wish to play!

Another little trick is to show your "win" amount next to your stake amount but after winning you will only be shown the stake which won so if you use more than a single bet you may be easily fooled into believing you have won more than you thought.    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Withdrawals                                                                          Firstly, the withdrawal minimum will in most cases be more than the minimum deposit, so if you deposit £10 and win £5 equalling £15 you will often find you cannot withdraw your winnings as the minimum withdrawal will be £20. This is yet another way to force you to continue playing!

More disturbingly is that whilst making a deposit is comparativally simple, in attempting a withdrawal they may well demand proof of id. This may mean a copy of your driving licence, passport and a copy of your credit/debit card - which breaks the British Banking Regulations!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Double Stake Button


When you are losing all you have to do is click the double button and your stake will be doubled, surely ensuring that, by now, it is time your numbers will come up and you must win! So when losing it seems a very attractive option.

In some cases it will serve you well but in most, this is NOT a good idea!

Alot of players will be aware of the "Martingale" system which is based on the mathematical certainty that after a loss, by doubling your stake will lead to a win. This system is absolutely correct but with the proviso of 2 factors.  Firstly, you would have to find a casino with a no table limit and secondly you have enough money to pay off the national debt of Greece!

If you begin with a £1 stake on red or black and continue to double: 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 and so on, you, a) believe you will win and b) and this is a mistake often made, you will have only lost £128. In fact you will have lost £1023! If you win,  you win £256 but you have already lost your previous 1 2 4 8 16 32 and 64 stakes - £119 ! 

Do you think there would be an easy option readilly available for you not only to recoup losses but to win!                                                                                                                               




To conclude, it is not impossible to win over time but to do so will take an enormous amount of time, your money, patience and commitment, and your winnings, if any, will not equal a living wage and you will have lost many years of your life through stress!


 This website is not the result of an hysterical loser (although I have lost) but from someone who has looked very hard at the cogs within the  mechanisms online casinos use to extract your hard earned cash.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A quick note on the differences between a "bricks & mortar" casino and an online one.

Firstly, and obviously, land based roulette does not use RGNs, so in that respect is fairer but secondly, as already mentioned, is the time factor. When playing a land based roulette wheel, by the time you retrieve your losses, let alone win, the casino would have closed its doors  and you will be on your way home   With your help I will continue to expose the integity or otherwise of the software used!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                software                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

                            I invite any thoughts you may have on this and If you are an online gaming site

                            I invite you to defend yourseves as the general public deserve to know!




                            Contact me NOW


This invite is directed to any individual and ALL online casino companies ;  If the contents of this website are incorrect then I invite you to excersise your right of reply.


                    I urge anyone about to begin playing online roulette to read this first                                       

We have no doubt all seen the glitzy commercials and/or some of us received e mails telling us if we join a bingo site we will have a great time and make a whole load of new friends! If we play the casino we will enjoy a whole new sexy, rich lavish lifestyle in the jetset!  

They tell us how many people win every hour and how much they have payed out every week but they do do not expose how many people lose every hour and  their accrued losses in a week!  I have been offered a free bonus, what have I got to lose? It s a no brainer!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     At this point I would advise you to run                                                                                                                                                                                    If you met someone on the street who offered you £20 in                                                                                       return of £10 would you accept?                                                                                                                                     Probably not! Because you know there is a catch!                                                                                                     Yet the online bingo/casino sites  do this all the time                                                                                               and  we tend to believe them.                                                                                                                                         Unfortunately, gamesites are not transparent  & leave many of us                                                                      fooled   into  believing  your bank  account will be  much  fatter                                                                             before!              

                                                                   And if you think you can find a winning system from the internet, 

                                                                     think again! Most of these sites will refer you to a "better online                                                                           casino"! Its a trick. Dont believe any site which refers you to any                                                                           casino  site! 

                                                                    This site exists purely to advise the user, not the                                                                                      casino! 



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